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How does it work?

  1. Sign up and become a Musclefix member in our Highett clinic by paying either $29 every 6 weeks on direct debit via your bank account, Visa or MasterCard, or $125 upfront for 6 months. We’ve done the math for you, these two options cost almost exactly the same so just choose which you prefer.

  2. Gain access to exclusive membership prices for all of your appointments. Claim your appointments on private health insurance.

  3. Ideally, attend every 6 weeks or more frequently to make the most of your membership. You can come anytime, regularly or irregularly, it’s up to you.

  4. Book online 24/7 in the Highett clinic.

Other details

The $29 every 6 weeks membership option has a minimum term of 7 weeks and continues ongoing until you cancel.


Commencing membership payment/s constitutes your acceptance of the Musclefix Membership Agreement. (See details below)


$29 Every 6 weeks sign up options:

$125 upfront for 6 months option:

Musclefix Membership Agreement

  1. $29.00 every 6 weeks or $125 for 6 months is the fee (membership fee) to be a Musclefix member.
  2. The $125 upfront for 6 months option is one continuous period of membership of 6 months commencing at the time of purchase. It can not be paused, deferred or cancelled once purchased and can not be refunded in full or in part.
  3. Musclefix Membership grants you access to book and pay for appointments at the Member prices on weekdays of $85 for a 40 minute appointment, $100 for a 60 minute appointment and $130 for a 80 minute appointment. Member price on weekends and public holidays are $105 for a 40 minute appointment, $120 for a 60 minute appointment and $150 for a 80 minute appointment. Membership is in our Highett clinic only (also not available with mobile massage).
  4. Member prices are not available while membership fees are owing.
  5. You agree to book your appointments either online or in-person at an appointment, not via phone, email or sms.
  6. Membership fees are not redeemable for massage and are not claimable on private health insurance.
  7. For the every 6 weeks option, upon signing up you agree to pay the $29 membership fee every 6 weeks ongoing via direct debit from either your Visa, MasterCard or bank account. Failed debits due to insufficient funds in your account may incur a small fee to you by our debit provider.
  8. The minimum term for the every 6 weeks option is 7 weeks (2 x $29 membership payments) then ongoing until you cancel.
  9. If you select the every 6 weeks option, please don’t forget that you have a membership. Musclefix will continue to provide you with active membership status and bill you until you cancel, regardless of whether you are booking massages.
  10. All member fees and massage payments are non-refundable. Member fees are also non-refundable upon cancellation.
  11. You agree to keep your payment details valid and up to date.
  12. Membership pausing or membership holidays are not available. With the every 6 weeks option, you are welcome to cancel and then restart if you need to go on holidays.
  13. Your membership is solely yours and CANNOT be shared or transferred.
  14. Musclefix reserves the right to terminate individual memberships and/or withdraw the membership offering at anytime.
  15. You will be billed in full for any and all appointments you fail to arrive at. You grant us permission to bill your Visa, MasterCard or bank account using details you have given us.
  16. You must provide us with 24 hours-notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment otherwise full payment (at member prices) is required. You grant us permission to bill you via your payment details given.
  17. Appointment durations include both professional consultation and massage.
  18. You may cancel your every 6 weeks membership and direct debits after you have completed 2 x $29 of paid membership. You must give Musclefix 30 days notice to cancel your membership.
  19. The only permitted and accepted way for you to cancel is via email to info@musclefix.com.au, and is only successful when you have received an email reply from us confirming cancellation of your membership. Verbal requests are not accepted or permitted.
  20. The member fee and member massage prices may change in the future, with 7 days-notice given to you via email. For 6 months upfront members, if you do not wish to continue with membership due to a massage appointment price increase, you may email info@musclefix.com.au to cancel within 30 days of the price increase and request a pro-rata refund on the unused future months of your pre-paid 6 month membership.
  21. You agree that signing up and commencing membership payments constitutes your acceptance of the Musclefix Membership Agreement.